Creative_processI write, record, produce, and subsequently perform a lot of different flavors (Samples Below). I blame an eclectic musical background growing up, from Otis Redding, to the Doors, to Bauhaus, Erasure, Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Tom Waits and everything in between. I try not to limit the areas of exploration.  I have played acoustic for years, solo, in groups–it’s a beautiful, engaging, and revealing sound if done right (subjective).  I don’t know that I’ve ever called myself a singer-songwriter (okay–there was that one phase).   In recent years, I’ve been pulled closer toward my roots–tinkering with electronics here and there.  Ditched By kate, while decidedly a Rock and Roll band has some serious new wave tendencies that became a trademark of the sound. Funny to think that our earliest practices sounded more like Ryan Adams than the Cure.  In 2014 I took a deep look at the music I had played over the years and decided it was time to take a leap, to try something new. So I took a chance, picked up some strange, new gear, and Gravity Lens was born from that and as a pleasant consequence a whole lot more.


To describe things a little more deeply, when I say “Solo” I’m talking about my acoustic guitar driven music–what you’d hear if you caught me playing for 3 hour stretches in the corner of a dark bar or winery. Solo is my opportunity to explore and interpret covers while injecting my own material.  Though I describe this as my “solo” gig,  it’s not always a solitary act–I have shared and will continue to share the stage with a wide array of talented, local musicians.  Check out the performance page to see when and where I’ll be performing this kind of material.  I’m currently working on integrating some level of electronics into the solo sound to enhance things and build in some flexibility–but the acoustic guitar will be the root for the foreseeable future. PR_McGraw

Mass R3lay is the newest endeavor and heads into more uncharted territory for me. The core here is electronica and Mass R3lay will be added to the “solo” performance options not too long from now.  Check the performance page for details.

Finally–there is After life Productions–the entity that draws it all under a single roof.  ALP is my intention to branch out even further (film scores, hip hop, etc…), while offering artist services (production, song writing, recording etc…).  Visit for more details.



The Sounds: 

Solo playlist (and solo booking demo):

Mass R3lay Sampler

Gravity Lens Sampler

Phil Rossi Solo Sampler

Ditched by Kate Sampler

After Life Productions Sampler